Charitable Donations

Make Our Community Great!

The Great Community Give is a powerful online giving event designed to inspire and grow philanthropy in our Community through charitable donations. Here are some key elements of The Great Community Give:

  • A single day fundraising celebration
  • Centered on community nonprofit organizations
  • Using a single online donation platform
  • Building community and connecting donors with local nonprofits
  • Helping local nonprofit to build social media presence
  • Empower those of all ages to easily support their favorite local charitable organizations!
  • An initiative of the Community Foundation

The Great Community Give will offer cash prizes for participating nonprofits as a way to build excitement and maximize the benefits for donors and nonprofits.

How Does It Work?

Register your nonprofit, become a sponsor, or simply click and give to support organizations in your area! Check out our clarifying details:

  • All donations will be processed through the GiveGab platform
  • Anyone can donate to their favorite nonprofits on June 24, 2020
  • Nonprofits and donors can track progress in real time throughout the day
  • Nonprofits will participate in trainings to prepare for the Great Community Give including ramping up their social media profiles
  • Nonprofits may target specific prizes and prepare events to increase their chances to win

Additionally, the community will engage with the campaign through pre-event, day-of-event, and post-event marketing materials; social media; and awarding incentive and prize money to participating nonprofits

Why Should I Get Involved?

Don’t miss this opportunity to raise awareness and funds for your nonprofit, sponsor organizations, and donate to support your community!

  • A community wide effort to promote charitable giving to partner nonprofit organizations
  • It is technology-driven
  • An entire day dedicated to charitable giving in Harrisonburg/Rockingham County
  • A fun competition to see what age groups in our community are more charitable
  • A day to highlight and raise awareness of nonprofit organizations

Are You Ready To Sponsor Your Favorite Nonprofit?